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Keys to the Sedges of Ontario, Updated

Flora of North America keys trimmed down to Ontario species


Preserving Leaf Tissue for DNA Analysis

How to use silica gel to preserve field collections for genetic analysis

On setwd() and educating without attitude

setwd: there's more than one way to do it

Friends don't let friends use setwd

A Portable Approach to Multi-File Analysis in R


Introducing the binner package

Reading and scoring AFLP electropherograms in R

How we work

Rob Denton's work-hacks interview

Medium Performance Cluster Computing

Set up a temporary computing cluster on a Digital Ocean VPS

Using the LaTeX listings package to style R PDF reports with knitr and pandoc

Styling your reproducible research reports

The Reindeer Botanist, by Wendy Dathan

The adventurous life of one of Canada's botanical legends


Preparing Rubus samples for herbarium study

Collecting and pressing blackberry canes

CSI Ottawa: how plant taxonomy foiled a Japanese plot to fire-bomb Saskatoon in WWII

Museum botanists uncover the origin of mysterious exploding balloons.

Spring has sprung in Ottawa! Botanical macros from Mer Bleue

My first images of the season

Processing ABI .fsa files in R, part 1

Importing the raw data

My Own Private Flora of North America

A first effort in Python web-scraping