Tyler Smith

I am a plant taxonomist and conservation biologist. I work for Agriculture and Agrifood Canada, where I work on the systematics and diversity of crop wild relatives, particularly the genus Vaccinium. I also work on weeds and invasive species. I am an adjunct professor in the Biology department at Carleton University.

This is my personal website, and the views expressed here are my own. What you find here are my own ideas on plant taxonomy research, field botany, and related (or occasionally unrelated) items. The sorts of things that will show up here: teaching notes, working keys, software tools, and comments on the practice and products of plant taxonomy.

More about me

The sidebar has links to my publications on Google Scholar, my photos on Flickr, my code on Github, and my Mastodon and iNaturalist accounts. I have a twitter account, but don’t use it very regularly.

I also have professional webpages at AAFC and Carleton. I don’t update these very often, and I have limited control over what appears on my AAFC page.